Wood Foot all over the world some of the most prestigious corporate buildings woodfoot real wood veneer wall coverings and panels led to the construction. 
Woodfoot in the world is perfect for corporate buildings and office complexes. Ceilings and reception counters, doors and frames for walls and columns of components for lighting and accent wood woodfoot versatile solution. 
Woodfoot most of the world's best workplaces are adorning the walls. This practical, hard-wearing finishes with natural beauty, woodfoot the ideal choice for commercial and residential applications. The ability to match the perfect pair of adjacent walls and doors finished with architectural woodwork with a turnkey solution that there is wood.

The demand for lumber, and products made from wood, continues to grow on a global scale. SanFoot® was developed, and continues to be manufactured, with the goal to assure reliable supplies for future generations. We continue to support the efforts of organizations who are working to protect the environment. We do this not only through financial contributions, but also by striving to develop new manufacturing methods to produce higher yields, with less waste, and a minimum impact on the environment.

How and where trees are obtained are important environmental considerations. The species and individual trees used in the manufacture of SanFoot Natural Wood Veneer Wallcovering are selected using the following criteria: maximum yield of the highest quality veneer with the minimum environmental impact.

Our patented process for slicing incredibly thin veneer increases the log's yield by approximately 300%. The same volume of veneer that once came from three trees now only requires one.

Grown Enhanced Species

Forest management has been practiced for many years in the United States, and is a growing trend in other countries. Not tree farms but rather natural forests or reclaimed lands where only a limited number of trees are allowed to be harvested each year. Individual trees may be selected from old growth forests where they are being crowded out by younger, more robust individuals. Removal of aged trees results in a healthier environment for the next generation of trees.

Plantation grown trees are planted specifically for the production of veneer and lumber. Trees that may be endangered in their native lands, are once again available thanks to plantations growing a sustainable yield and reliable supply of otherwise diminishing species. Species in plentiful supply (many plantation grown), are physically altered, reconstructed or dyed to appear similar to exotic species, or to create unique figures and colors not found in nature. The benefits of enhanced species include consistent appearance, reliable availability and are environment friendly. 

In addition to the careful selection of individual trees for the manufacture of SanFoot, features for safer interior environments have been included in the production of all SanFoot products:

  • CORNER BURN TEST - Passes NFPA 286
  • ENVIRONMENT SAFE - No Formaldehyde Added and VOC Compliant
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